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Every year, employees with 30 or 40 years’ seniority are invited to join their spouses on a week-long trip.

This edition, we organized 2 stays for 40 people over 5 nights, with a tailor-made itinerary from Milan to Venice, via Lake Como, Lake Garda and Verona.

An event filled with experiences designed to strengthen connections and enhance affinities. These experiences include a visit to Milan’s Duomo and working-class districts, sailing on the lakes, savoring local products, unwinding at the hotel spa, exploring mask workshops and a Squero in Venice, an unexpected visit to St. Mark’s Basilica after it’s closed to the public, or a tour of a private palace with a tasting of local olive oil production.

Various evening events, including a gala evening in a Venetian palazzo, rounded off these fine days.